November 23, 2009

Today on Bilerico: "If S/he Were Positive, Would You Stay?"

Found this week on PostSecret, posted to Bilerico.


A Lewis said...

I'm sure that many of my readers have forgotten my 2-part series posted on World AIDS Day. It's going to take you a while to read....but I think it's worth it:



Birdie said...

Let me second that motion. If you haven't read that story, take the time to do it. You will not regret a minute of it.

But if you have read it, you will agree it's unforgettable.

Meli said...

i would hope i would stay. i hope i'm never in that situation.

Rox said...

I love Post Secret!

I would stay.

Greg said...

I stayed for many years.

Wendy said...

I have read Arnie's two part series. Incredible moving! I actually thought this the other night... and absolutely I would stay! This kind of love only comes along once in a lifetime!