November 8, 2009

Sunday Shuffle

Randomly from my iPod.

1. Oh Yeah / Yello
2. You Don’t Own Me / Leslie Gore
3. Turn! Turn! Turn! / The Byrds
4. You Don’t Know What Love Is / Chet Baker
5. Serenade / Doug Smith
6. Shout / Otis Day & The Knights
7. Take A Walk On The Wild Side / Lou Reed


Jeaux said...

Baker's cover of You Don't Know What Love Is is one of the saddest songs ever recorded. "...lips that taste of tears lose their taste for kissing..." *sniff* Almost as bad and good as Nina Simone's Don't Smoke In Bed.

Ur-spo said...

I liked the turn turn turn song!

the hobbit said...

"Take a Walk on the Wild Side" is AlternaChef's ring tone on his phone. ;)

Blobby said...

Ahhh...memories of driving w/my mother and Lou coming on w/that line about never lost her head...even when she was giving turning 18 shade of red and her completely oblivious...I think.

But who the frick doesn't love Leslie Gore. Little known fact: produced by Qunicy Jones....yes....that Quincy.

Trapped with Droba said...

Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" is quite possibly my all-time favorite song. Better than "Walk on the Wild Side", at least to me.